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Creating “The One” is a Step By Step Training Course That Shows You How to Find Your Soulmate in Just 6 Weeks.

In this Course You’ll Learn

✓ How to resonate with the force of love on the mental, emotional, vital and physical levels. In other words, how to bring love into your mind, heart, aura and body.

✓ How to intentionally develop your intuition and find your soulmate by following its voice.

✓ How to use the Law of Suggestion to command your subconsciousness so that it drives you towards success and helps you believe in yourself. This is essential for a lot of people!

✓ The 9 principles of relationship success according to ancient wisdom

✓ The 7 principles that married people should follow, according to the inspiration of Steve Jobs, Yogananda

✓ Dating advice for men on how to make each date go as well as it can

✓ Ideas for women on how to provoke your soulmate to talk to you and a guide for men on how to approach women

Here’s a taste of what you’ll learn...

✓ A sound that made verbally or externally awakens intuition in days if done in a focused way for at least 20 minutes each day

To love is to give. In this course I will teach you 3 proven ways of giving: physical, mental, and spiritual. You get to choose which way suits you best.

Love is consciousness and consciousness awakens in the silence of the mind. I will teach you 2 different ways to awaken this feeling, one of them being the meditation technique that worked best in my private sessions.

✓ I spend almost 30 minutes explaining the many ways we accumulate karma for certain behavior. Because to attract love it's best to stop doing certain things and start doing other things. This will surprise you.


✓ You get to ask me questions throughout the course. This personalized support is often what is missing from a book.

✓ You get instant access to a free Kindle download of one of my books The 22 Laws of Inner Peace. Current price on Amazon is $199.37 for a used copy.

✓ If you find your soulmate within 6 weeks of purchase I will give free course access to 2 people of your choice. For challenges bring forth energy and joy.

✓ If you marry your soulmate by Christmas of 2017 I will reward you with an amazing health secret that in a certain sense can really change your life. This secret cleared my allergies and improved my health dramatically in minutes. I keep it a secret because it is in short supply.

"I don’t believe when I found your [YouTube] channel it was a coincidence, as I told people before. I can’t say it enough thank you"

Psychology student

"The Heart Creates “The One” is a treasure chest of practical wisdom for would-be soulmates...The reader will learn something new on every page..."

Marnia Robinson
Author of Cupid's Poisoned Arrow: From Habit to Harmony in Sexual Relationships

"I learned more from [Ticiano’s] book than in a whole lifetime of reading."

CEO of Integrity Health Products
New York City

“I reward students for finding their soulmate early”

Enjoy the process. Delight in the challenge. Smile at the opportunity. This year begin the relationship you know you deserve!

Limited Time Offer!

Enroll in the Creating“The One” Course Today

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