Hi, my name's Ticiano Lancelot. Inner growth began interesting me as a teenager but I only really began working on myself at age 20. It was then that I began fighting wet dreams because it was then that I discovered how harmful they were to my development. As the years passed I made minimal progress and what's more, I noticed that wet dreams would repel the lovely girl I happened to be dating and so my frustration grew bigger and bigger. Eventually I hit a wall that fueled my determination to find a solution to this problem once and for all. After living in 6 different countries and reading numerous ancient texts I discovered a recipe that single men could use to free themselves from wet dreams forever. As there are millions of men with this problem I feel obliged to share my hard-won wisdom so I've decided to produce an online course to teach single men my foolproof system. I will also be teaching men how to attract the right girl, how to meditate, how to be healthy and how to dissolve the egos.

This photo was taken after a talk I gave about health to a religious group in Colombia. The pupils were more interested in what I had to say than the grandiose lecture given by their head teacher.

I'm an editor, author and teacher. Dr. Monica Henry, one of Australia's best doctors, taught me three of the secrets of health and so I now teach that in my workshops. I have taught health to people in Mexico, Colombia, Ecuador, Spain and Germany. The books I have edited are by sages Eliphas Levi and Beinsa Douno. The book I wrote in 2012 is about soulmates. I am the only person in the world who possesses seven different soulmate formulas by seven different wise man, including Plato, Jesus and Yogananda. My vast amount of research and experience is something I want to share with others, because the more people I meet the more I see a need for real knowledge. Knowledge is power, but true knowledge.


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